Samruk-Energy JSC. Annual Report / 2013

02. Key events and national awards for 2013

January 16

Samruk-Green Energy LLP became the first Kazakh company entered into European Wind Energy Association. On a par with the world’s leaders of wind energy, Samruk-Green Energy LLP became a full member of the association, which is the most powerful wind energy network of professionals in Europe that brings together more than 700 key industry players.

March 4

Samruk-Energy announced the establishment of Long-term Development Strategy of Samruk-Energy for 2012-2022.

March 14

Following the results of Republican contest Senim – 2012 Samruk-Energy JSC won the honorable 3rd place in nomination The best employing company in two capitals.

April 12

Samruk-Green Energy LLP and German company KD Stahl-und Maschinenbau GmbH signed a framework agreement to establish a joint venture for the production of wind power stations of small capacity.

$ million

April 23

At SDPS-2 was established a record for continuous operation of the electrical power unit No. 2. For the first time during all these years of station’s operation continuously for five months 1.8 billion kWh of electricity was produced.

May 15

The constituent conference where delegates from trade unions included into Samruk-Energy Group of Companies, Trade union Energy PA, Trade union organization of the East Kazakhstan electrical networks PA and Trade union organization of Moynak HPP of Almaty region adopted a resolution on the establishment of Federation of Trade Unions of Energy Workers Public Association was held in Astana.

May 27

By decision of Samruk-Energy JSC the General Service Center (SSC) on public relations and information support of energy sector enterprises of Almaty Region was established in Almaty.

June 13

Samruk-Energy JSC placed on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) the bonds in amount of 2.384 billion KZT with bond yields to aturity for customers at rate of 7.00% per annum. During the period from February to June 2013 Samruk-Energy JSC has placed 3,000,000 bonds with a nominal value of 1,000 KZT per bond.

August 09

New Mamyr substation was commissioned in Almaty.

August 16

Results of 1st Two Day Games among employees of Samruk-Energy Group dedicated to the Sports Day of Kazakhstan were summarized in Astana. Federation of Trade Unions of Energy Workers Public Association organized this competition.

September 02

Two new groups — 50 children — began to attend kindergarten in the village of Solnechnyi. The kids received this gift from Ekibastuz SDPS-2.

September 07

Kazakhstan and China signed an agreement on implementation of Con-struction of counterregulating Kerbulak HPP on the Ili River project; the cost is $ 190 million.

September 09

Antifraud and corruption fight policy in Samruk-Energy JSC was approved.

September 15

Sports team of Samruk-Energy JSC took the third place in the 1st Games of NWF Samuryk-Kazyna.

October 30

Membership of Board of Directors of Samruk-Energy JSC has increased from 6 to 7 people.

November 16

Drama named Office.Live took place, in which roles were played by employees of enterprises of Almaty power complex Samruk-Energy JSC who work with customers and other organizations based on official dutes, and often are involved in situations that require them to attract audience’s attention and reach understanding.

December 03

Act of the State Acceptance Commission on commissioning of solar power station with capacity of 2 MW in Kapshagay was signed.

December 05

In Samruk-Energy JSC, the second supervisory audit in terms of compliance of Corporate Management System (CMS) with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2008 was successfully held.

share in the charter
capital of Ekibastuz-1 LLP

December 11

Samruk-Energy JSC signed an agreement with Kazakhmys Group (Kazakhmys PLC) to acquire a 50% share in the charter capital of Ekibastuz-1 LLP, as well as a 100% share in the charter capital of Kazgidrotechenergo LLP. The total transaction amount is valued at 1,300,000,000 (one billion three hundred million) U.S. dollars.

December 20

In the Palace of Independence, Astana, within the framework of Industrialization Day Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of RoK during national teleconference in the Almaty region on official ceremony has commissioned the Kapshagay Solar Power Station.

State Acceptance Commission Act has been signed as to commissioning of Almaty CHP-2, III priority. Boiler house without a boiler unit station # 8.

December 23

Act of Working Committee on commis-sioning of electrostatic precipitators of blocks No. 3, 7 of Ekibastuz SDPS-1 named after Bulat Nurzhanov LLP was signed.

national awards

Name of subsidiaries and associates Order of Kurmet Medal For Distinguished Labour Certificate of Honor of RoK
Alatau Zharyk Company JSC
A.M. Vasiliev
Managing Director of the distribution networks of Almaty
Bogatyr Komir LLP V.I. Pervov
Head depot of Bogatyr
vocational school
Zh.S. Kuanyshev – Operator
of traction unit of Bogatyr
vocational school
V.V. Evseev – Electrical mechanic for maintenance and repair of equipment of Energy Supply Office
East Kazakhstan Regional Energy Company JSC M.K. Kusherov
Head of Kokpektinsky district electrical networks of EK REC JSC
Almaty Power Plants JSC
G. S. Zhanbyrshy —
Deputy Chairman of the Board for Development