Samruk-Energy JSC. Annual Report / 2013

Information about Subsidiary Companies (SC)

Hydro power plants and renewable sources of energy

General for HPPs

Established capacity of HPPs amounted to:
  • Shardarinsk HPP JSC — 100 MW; 
  • Moynak HPP JSC — 300 MW; 
  • SPP Kapshagay — 2 MW; 
  • Bukhtarma HPP — 675 MW; 
  • Shulbinskaya HPP — 702 MW; 
  • Ust-Kamenogorsk HPP — 331.2 MW; 
  • Almaty series of HPP — 46.9 MW; 
  • Kapshagay HPP — 364 MW.

Shulbinskaya HPP JSC

Shulbinskaya HPP is situated in the middle course of river Irtysh, 70 km upwards from Semey city.

The construction of hydro power plant was started in 1976, the first hydroelectric generator was launched for industrial operation on December 23, 1987 and the last of the six generators was launched on December 19, 1994.

Hydraulic performance of hydroelectric complex is estimated to admit during normal headwater level 240 meters of maximum flood with possibility of exceeding 1% — 7,700 m3/second, during maximum headwater level 243 meters with 0.01% provision — 8,770 m3/second.

Shulbinskaya HPP consists of: 

  • HPP building; 
  • Ground dam; 
  • Shipping lock; 
  • Water reservoir; 
  • Conjugation structures; 
  • Open distribution device 220 kV.
The biggest shareholder of Shulbinskaya HPP JSC is Samruk-Energy JSC – 92.14% of shares.
In 2013 generation of power amounted to 1,683 mln kWh.

Moynak HPP JSC

Moynak HPP is situated on the river Charyn in Almaty region and has capacity of 300 MW. Moynak HPP is the fifth by size and capacity hydro power plant in Kazakhstan and is no.1 generating power facility of the country that was enacted during the years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Moynak HPP JSC has been commissioned in December 2012. The biggest shareholder of Moynak HPP JSC is Samruk-Energy JSC – 51 % of shares.

Moynak HPP is one of the three HPPs among CIS countries that has level difference about 500 meters, and tunnel diameter – up to 5.5 meters.

Power generation in 2013 has amounted to 899.3 mln kWh.

Bukhtarma HPP JSC

Bukhtarma HPP JSC has been founded by decree of East-Kazakhstan territorial committee on state property management from December 19, 1996 № 1053 On establishing Bukhtarma HPP JSC, removed from the structure of reorganized Altayenergy JSC.

In accordance with Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from October 24, 2006 № 1020 On transferring state holding of shares of some joint stock companies to authorized capital stock of Kazakhstan holding of state assets management Samruk JSC, on December 28, 2006 the state holding of shares of Bukhtarma HPP JSC was transferred for payment to authorized stock capital of Samruk Holding JSC. On January 4, 2008 Samruk-Energy JSC has become the owner of the package of shares of Bukhtarma HPP JSC.

Bukhtarma HPP is situated 15 km lower than mouth of Bukhtarma River, 350 km away from the source of the river Irtysh. Backwater created by BHPP dam covers the natural levels of the lake Zaysan for 5-6 meters, thus forming a water reservoir with volume of 49.6 bln cubic meters. The surface area is 5,490 sq. meters.

The biggest shareholder of Bukhtarma HPP JSC is Samruk-Energy JSC – 90 % of shares.
Power generation for 2013 has amounted to 2,006.9 mln kWh.

Ust-Kamenogorsk HPP JSC

Nowadays Ust-Kamenogorsk HPP that is situated in the north-eastern suburub of Ust-Kamenogorsk has four turbines (82.8 MW each) with established capacity of 331.2 MW.

The composition of HPP constructions: 

  • Concrete water drainage dam with length of 92 meters by coping, and has four drain trunks; 
  • Dumb concrete dams with length of 300 meters; 
  • Appurtenance HPP building with length of 129 meters; 
  • One-chambered shipping lock.
The biggest shareholder of Ust-Kamenogorsk HHP JSC is Samruk-Energy JSC – 89.9 % of shares.

Established capacity of the plant id 331.2 MW, but because closure dam was not fully removed and it changed calculated level of the downstream approximately for 1.5 meters the supposed capacity is 315 MW.

In 2013 generation of power amounted to 1,220 mln kWh.

Shardarinsk HPP JSC

Shardarinsk HPP is situated in the middle course of Syrdarya river and trailing HPP of Naryn-Syrdarya series of electric plants.

Power site of Shardarinsk HPP is situated at Zhaushikum elevation where the streamside lowering gets narrow by 5 km Shardarinskiy hydroelectric complex with seasonally regulated water reservoir was designed and built as a complex, and one of its functions is irrigation of precious agricultural lands situated nearby middle and lower stream of the river.

Construction of Shardarinskiya hydroelectric complex made it possible to relieve the HPP of the upstream series of electric plants from irrigational functions, providing their work in power generating regime.

The sole shareholder of Shardarinsk HPP JSC is Samruk-Energy JSC – 100 % of shares.
In 2013 generation of power amounted to 464.1 mln kWh (2012 – 569.3 mln kWh).

Solar power plant with 2 MW capacity in Kapshagay city

In 2013 Samruk-Energy JSC has finalized implementation of the project of the first industrial solar power plant with capacity of 2 MW in Kapshagay city. The main aims of SPP construction with 2 MW capacity are increasing the share of using renewable energy sources and lowering the level of using hydrocarbon energy sources for electric power generation.

Electric power generation at SPP is carried out by the means of 7,995 solar panels, out of them 70% are placed on fixed structures and 30% — on tracking structures (trackers). 178 invertors are used at SPP for transformation of direct current generated by solar panels into alternating current. The planned annual volume of generated power is 3,600 thousand kWhs.

In 2014 it is planned that SPP with 2 MW capacity in Kapshagay city will be transferred to authorized capital of Samruk-Green Energy LLP for the further operation and maintenance of SPP.

Samruk-Green Energy LLP

Samruk-Green Energy LLP was founded on January 25, 2012 for implementation of projects in the sphere of renewable energy sources and is a dynamically developing enterprise, acting in this sphere.

The sole participant of Samruk-Green Energy LLP is Samruk-Energy JSC – 100 % of participation share.

The main activity direction of Samruk Green Energy LLP is attaining the following strategic aims: 

  • Designing and construction of facilities on using renewable energy sources, independent technical devices and facilities interrelated with them for generation of electric and/or heat power with utilization of renewable energy sources; 
  • Generation and realization of electric and heat power using renewable energy sources; 
  • Providing operability (exploitation) of systems for transmission of electric power, generated using renewable energy sources, from generation site to distribution networks; 
  • Organizing and providing consulting services, participation in scientific research and design works in the sphere of renewable energy sources.

Energiya Semirechya LLP

Energiya Semirechya LLP is a joint venture that was founded for executing activities in the sphere of construction of wind farm (hereinafter referred to as – WPP) with capacity of 60 MW with the prospect of expansion to 300 MW in Shelek corridor of Enbekshikazakh district of Almaty region.

The participants of Energiya Semirechya LLP are: 

  1. Samruk-Green Energy LLP – 51%; 
  2. National Company Social-entrepreneur corporation Zhetisu JSC – 49%.

The first wind power station LLP

The first wind power station LLP was founded on June 27, 2011.

The first wind power station LLP is a dynamically developing enterprise acting in the sphere of energy generation with utilization of renewable energy sources. It was founded for implementation of projects in the sphere of renewable energy sources, namely construction of wind farms.

The first wind power station LLP is directly implementing the project on construction of WPP in Ereymentau town with capacity of 45 MW (stage 1).

The participants of The first wind power station LLP are: 

  1. Samruk-Green Energy LLP – 99,9%; 
  2. Nusupov Daniyar Kanatovich – 0,1%.