Samruk-Energy JSC. Annual Report / 2013

Indices of liquidity and financial soundness  


Interest Coverage indicator for the reporting period made 3.85 versus 3.22 planned. Improvement of the indicator is conditioned by growth of EBITDA and reduction of financial expenses. Improvement of the indicator versus the 2012 actual figure (3.6) is conditioned by advanced growth of EBITDA over financial expenses.

Financial Leverage indicator made 0.46, versus 0.56 planned. The improvement is conditioned by reduction of debt. Improvement of the indicator versus the analogical period in 2012 is conditioned by increase of the Company Ownership Capital.

Current Liquidity indicator made 2.01 versus approved plan of 1.79. It is connected with growth of funds, received from flotation of bonds and decrease of short-term loan balances versus the data approved, as of the end of reporting period. In comparison with actual figures of 2012 the degradation is conditioned by decline of current obligations.