Samruk-Energy JSC. Annual Report / 2013

Annex 1: Used Acronyms

AES LLP AlmatyEnergoSbyt LLP
AlPP Almaty Power Plants JSC
AZK Alatau Zharyk Company JSC
Benchmarking Method of analysis used by Samruk-Energy JSC to compare its activity to other companies to make specific changes which enable to enhance its competitiveness
CGP Co-generation plant
CHP Combined heat and power
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States
CMS Corporate management system
СО2 Carbon dioxide
Company Samruk-Energy JSC Holding Company registered in Kazakhstan manages subsidiaries and associates
Company organization departments Company subdivisions responsible for certain activity and which are reflected in the Company’s organizational structure (departments, services)
Development Plan indicators Indicators which describe production, operating and financial activities. Indicators have quantitative meaning to be approved as part of the Development Plan and which meet the results of operations over accounting and planning periods
DHRM Department of Human Resource Management of the Company
EBITDA Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization
EK REC East-Kazakhstan Regional Energy Company
EP Energy provider
ESDPS-1 Ekibastuz SDPS-1 named after Bulat Nurzhanov LLP
ESDPS-2 Ekibastuz SDPS-2 Station JSC
FSR Fire safety regulations
Fund National Wealth Fund Samruk-Kazyna Joint-Stock Company
GRI Global reporting initiative
GTPP Gas turbine power plant
GW Gigawatt, unit of measure for electric power
HPP Hydraulic power plant
IMS Integrated management system
ISO International Organization for Standardization
JSC Joint-Stock Company
KEGOC KEGOC JSC (Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company)
KIES Kazakhstan intellectual energy system
KPI Key performance indicators, measures which describe a level of operating efficiency of the Company and enable to assess performance of the Company as a whole and its key personnel
KUPS Kazakhstan Unified Power System
LLP Limited Liability Partnership
LTA Loading and transportation administration
MPD Maximum permissible discharges
MPE Maximum permissible emissions
MREC Mangistau Distribution power grid company
OMR Operating and maintenance rules
PCB Polychlorinated biphenyl
PIT SEZ Park of Information Technologies Special Economic Zone
POP Persistent organic pollutants
Procurement Plan Document executed according to the set forms. It reflects a planned procurement of fee-paying goods, works, services by the Company required for operation and execution of charter-related activity
PTL Power transmission line
RES Renewable Energy Sources
Risk An aptitude to uncertainty related to the events or actions which can affect achievement of the set goals and tasks
Samruk-Energy Group of Companies Samruk-Energy JSC, its subsidiaries and associates and jointly controlled entities
SC Subsidiary companies
SDPS State district power station
SPFIID State Program of Forced Industrial-Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan
SPP Solar power plant
SR Safety regulations
Strategy Long-term Development Strategy of Samruk-Energy JSC
SWOT Analysis of positive and negative effect of external and internal environment factors
TPP Thermal power plant
UN United Nations
WF Wind farm
WTO World Trade Organization
ZSDPP Zhambyl SDPP named after T. Baturov JSC
Units of Measure
GWh gigawatt per hour
GJ gigajoule
Gcal gigacalorie
kV kilovolt
kWh kilowatt per hour
km kilometer
m meter
m3 cubic meter
MVA megavolt-ampere
MW megawatt
mn million
TJ terajoule
thous thousand
% percent