Samruk-Energy JSC. Annual Report / 2013

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility of the Company is exercised according to the Development Strategy and adopted Strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility which main trends are implementation of the state programs in social area, safety and environment, charitable assistance and sponsor support, satisfaction of the personnel needs and health gain, development of human capacity and effective investments in production development.

The Company being a social-oriented enterprise pays a lot of attention to implementation of different social projects, cooperation with region and municipal Akimats as part of the agreements on social partnership.

Social policy of the Company is mainly aimed to concern health of the employees and protect the employees and their families. 

Welfare benefits and preferences provided to the employees of Samruk-Energy Group of Companies in 2013 included: insurance of an employee against accidents at work, one-time health improvement assistance, sanatorium-resort therapy, sick pay, health insurance and treatment, material assistance in case of occupational injury, etc.

Moreover, Samruk-Energy Group of Companies under the labor contracts provides for overtime pay, holiday and day-off pays, night work pay, extra charge and additional payment, payment for labor of employees involved in heavy works, works with harmful (specially harmful), hazardous labor conditions; additional paid annual leave, one-time anniversary award (50, 60 years old), award in case of continuity of electric power experience for 10 years and more.

Also, Samruk-Energy Group of Companies has observed a minimum standard of payment for labor of employees involved in heavy works, works with harmful (specially harmful), hazardous labor conditions on the basis of minimum monthly salary set by law of the Republic of Kazakhstan On Republican Budget for a respective year and multiplying industry factors.

Employees who work simultaneously with education at educational in-stitutions are also provided with additional leaves for a period of examinations or establishing sessions, preparation and defense of graduation project (work), pass of final exams.

The Company extensively propagates and advocates a healthy life-style of the employees and their families. Mass sports events and active rest events for employees are conducted annually jointly with the trade unions of Samruk-Energy Group of Companies.

Thus, in August 2013, Federation of Powerman Trade Unions Public Association in Astana conducted I Spartakiada Games among the employees of Samruk-Energy Group of Companies coincided to celebration of a Day of Kazakhstan Sport. 11 teams of the Company subsidiaries asserted their sportsmanship and right to be the strongest. 

September 5, a Children Drawing Contest was conducted among children of the employees of Samruk-Energy Group of Companies as well as other cultural events. Moreover, a Billiards Tournament among the Company’s employees was conducted on the Power Engineers’ Day. 

Key indicators in social sphere are social stability rating among production personnel and an indicator of involvement of office and management personnel.

According to the results of independent researches performed by the Social Partnership Center and Samruk-Kazyna JSC Corporate University to measure key indicators of the employees’ attitude and recognize the problems and troublous areas, the social stability rating across the Company Group of Companies is 63% and featured as an average.  In other words, the company successfully enough solves the social tasks occurring during its activity, but there are possible troublous areas to be resolved. 

Level of involvement of office and management personnel of the Company Group of Companies is also 63% and according to the adopted rank it is within a positive area. The employees are highly satisfied with relationships with managers and colleagues, labor conditions, labor content and independent work.


In 2013, Samruk-Energy Group of Companies rendered charitable assistance and sponsor support to the amount of KZT 824,000,000, among them for sponsor purposes – KZT 536,830,000, for charity – KZT 287,170,000 (taking into account 50% of share of Ekibastuz SDPS-2 Station JSC, SDPS-1 JSC, Bogatyr Komir LLP)

Events conducted during sponsor support and charitable assistance had raised reputation, positive image of Samruk-Energy JSC Group as a socially responsible company. Locally, the subsidiaries assisted in such actions as: assistance for veterans – power engineers of EKO to purchase medicines and undergo medical surveys, social support for foster children from Children’s Homes, monthly assistance for retired ex-employees. For example, Shardarinsk HPP JSC regularly has been assisting the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and peacekeeping soldiers for 8 years in terms of free power services of up to 150 kWh monthly. 


The Company pays a lot of attention to development of sport, assists in arranging such sports events as executive meeting of Asian Boxing Confederation, supports the Astana-Arlans club which according to the results of tournament became the champion of the World Series of Boxing (WSB) in 2012/2013, municipal events as part of Festival of Health Republican Action, the Asian Youth Boxing Championship.

Other image events of subsidiaries include: producing About Formation and Development of Power Industry in Kazakhstan chronological book, conducting anniversary celebration devoted to a century of D.A. Kunayev, charitable assistance for the GPW veterans, homefront workers in connection with 68th anniversary of a Victory in the GPW, honoring the veterans – power engineers in connection with the Power Engineers’ Day, actions on the Day of Older Persons, arranging holidays devoted to 50th anniversary of Serebryansk (EKO).

Payments and preferences for full-time employees which are not provided for temporary or part-time employees, by primary activity

Indicator Full-time employees Temporary or part-time employees
Payments and preferences for employees
Life insurance
Health care service (health insurance)
Disability compensation
Maternity/paternity leave
Pension benefits (one-time payment when retiring)
Not provided
Transfer of company shares
Not provided
Not provided
Other (sanatorium-resort therapy, welfare assistance in case of birth of child, welfare assistance for treatment of family members, welfare assistance for health promotion)
Not provided